Do you know the basic care a dog should have?

Since 2018, FPSN has been fighting to dignify many dogs and cats lives in its territory (Tela, Honduras), understanding along the way, all the basic needs that must be covered to give the pet a good quality of life and that today we share with you:

1. Quality food

Choosing nutritious food and providing good hydration is key to the pet’s well-being. Currently, in the market, there are several kinds of quality food according to their stage of life, whether a puppy, adult or, senior and, buying the right one is one of the recommendations for your pet to be healthy and feel good. However, in some specific cases such as puppies, senior dogs or, suffering from any intolerance, pathology or, specific food need, it is appropriate to adapt their diet to those specific requirements

2. Animal education

Fundamental for our pet to develop satisfactorily: indicating him where to do his needs, in which spaces, what he can and cannot do, and to guide him from the beginning to instill a good learning process is necessary for a healthy coexistence between his caregivers and the pet. Of course, always from the positive reinforcement, avoiding scolding him sharply or yelling at him, since this way we will only scare him. Likewise, we remind you that this education also implies the interaction of the pet with its environment, socializing with other people and other animals.

3. Hygiene

There is a lot of controversy about how often a dog should be bathed, the approximate average is once a month. They should also be brushed daily, have their hair and nails trimmed when necessary, and pay attention to the hygiene of their ears and eyes, to avoid the accumulation of dirt and lint.

4. Walks and physical activity

Pets need to move and exercise every day. Therefore, you should, especially in the case of dogs, take them for a walk at least three times a day, both to promote their physical activity and to allow them to relieve themselves. Apart from walks, it is also good to play with them at home and keep them active on a regular basis.

5. Veterinary care and attention

Although most of the recommendations are within our reach, this is not always the case, so going to the vet is necessary in many cases to check their state of health and intervene with the appropriate treatment, in case of any anomaly. In addition, if you have a dog, you should visit the veterinarian to get the corresponding vaccinations, in case of injury, they could need surgery, also a chip is convenient and, determine an appropriate deworming plan for the animal.

How do you take care of your pets? The above mentioned daily cares we have with the pets that are currently in our shelter, some are ready to be adopted, others are in permanent stay, due to age or health complications, but all of them have conditions for a dignified and healthy life. Do you want to support our cause? We want to continue helping homeless pets, rescuing them, healing them, spaying them and, making society aware of their care and responsibilities as caregivers, you can donate through

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and follow our process through our social networks, where you can learn about the history of our shelter pets and also learn about care, tips, curiosities and more about our faithful friends.

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