Effects of climate change on dogs and cats

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Climate change and its consequences are discussed daily, it is a very controversial topic, but it is real.  Climate change refers to long-term temperature changes across the planet, this process is natural, but with human activity such as burning fossil fuels, coal, and gas, they generate greenhouse gas emissions that act as a blanket. That surrounds the earth, trapping the sun’s heat and raising the temperature. These changes affect all living beings since the vast majority are very sensitive to drastic changes in temperature (Made 2002).

Companion animals also suffer the effects of climate change, but since they normally live with people, they tolerate the changes better. However, new diseases and parasites have been registered that have never been seen before, for which there are no cures and as a consequence many deaths of domestic animals.

Dogs and cats living on the street suffer too much from seasonal changes, whether it’s cold or hot, most of those who don’t have shelter die.

Also, some dogs or cats with homes do not support extreme climates and die, either due to age or genetics.

In these cases, it is advisable to prevent, if a strong wave of cold is expected, it is better to have your pet well-equipped and protected or if it is the opposite of heat, give it good hydration, do not give it walks at times when the heat is very strong.

If your pet would definitely not support these changes, it is better to take it to another place where the climate is better.

It is important to keep pets entertained, with good physical activity, since during these seasons they cannot leave the house and suffer emotionally.

In countries where there are seasons, if there is a dog or cat living on the street in extreme temperatures, provide temporary shelter, then you can take it to a shelter, be empathetic with other living beings that do not have the same chances of survival.

The vast majority of countries in the world are trying to mitigate global warming and excessive climate changes, but it has not given favorable results since people consume unconsciously and accelerate, which makes it difficult to have real changes.  That is why it is so important to have a conscious and moderate consumption and always keep pets in decent conditions (Miller 2007).

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