Celebrate Valentine’s Day with your pet

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Why do it?

Every day in society, the love for animals, the Pet Lover community, grows more and more. Now millions of people around the world have a cat or dog in their family, those unconditional beings that when we return home after a long day working or studying, make us feel welcome with much joy and love. That is why today we invite you to consider the possibility of celebrating Valentine’s Day with your pet this 2022.

Although Valentine’s Day is held in honor of that man who, becoming a priest, married many young couples of his time, secretly, as it was forbidden, since, in Ancient Rome, it was believed that single soldiers had better performance than married ones; a reason why he was sentenced to death and later killed by the government of his time, Valentine’s Day celebrates love in all its forms, not necessarily and only as a couple.

Love, that broad concept that we begin to feel even before we face the world, where the first being who loves us is our mother, being a universal language, which does not understand borders, nor races, nor social status and much less gender, just feel, grows and consolidates throughout our lives with our family, friends, partner and of course, our pets.

Celebrating this date with our pets, is the perfect time to thank them for their unconditional love, who can love you more than your dog or cat? Those beings that every day are with you, love you, and show you how important you are to their lives, but what plans to do for this day with your pet? Be clear that you have to make it special, for now, spending more time exclusively with your pet is ideal, added to the activities, toys, treats, and others that your pet likes and that, for sure, will make that moment, something unforgettable.

In addition to this, you will strengthen the bond with your pet and it will be a reason to change the routine, be creative with the itinerary, as a caregiver you know perfectly well how your pet would feel in certain spaces and activities.

Some ideas in the case of dogs: go for a walk or jog with him, where at some point of the walk, you make a stop at his favorite park, for example, and throw him his favorite toy, spend some fun time with him, after that, you share some dog treats, good hydration and lots of caresses, closing the day with a delicious dinner of wet pet food, for sure, it will be a great day!

Some ideas for cats: Have you heard about “circuit activities”? It’s all about making mazes in your house, where you hide bits of food and toys for him to find, cats love games like this!

whether you have pets or not, if you want to give something to someone else on this day, we invite you to donate to our Perros Sin Nombre Foundation. Approximately 60 pets are in our shelter, pets we manage with our own resources and donations, we give our friends a dignified life, with the right to a roof over their heads, food, and medical care. Start celebrating Valentine’s Day now, sending through your donations a lot of love and support to the homeless pets we have in our shelter.

Celebrate love, friendship, and life with the Perros Sin Nombre Foundation, see the impact of our mission in our social networks, get to know us, and fall in love with pets as we do!

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