How to face cat overpopulation in a healthy and respectful way? Discover some ways to do it

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The main overpopulation cause of dogs and cats is abandonment, given the lack of responsibility of people not knowing what they do when they acquire them, whether they are bought or adopted. This, in the case of cats, additionally to endangering an animal life, also generates several problems due to their feline nature.
Animals and the city is a combination that, due to population growth and the diversification of lifestyles, is already common, however, it is evident that the lack of awareness persists regarding the responsibility that comes with owning a cat or a dog. According to Scientific American magazine, cats are the most popular animals in the world, since they are found almost everywhere in the world where humans live, estimating that there are approximately 2 billion of them, and guess what, owned by no one!
Their reproductive capacity, feline nature, and diseases that can develop and even affect humans, make cat overpopulation a major problem that beyond public health problems, generates environmental problems, becoming a serious threat to local wildlife, including birds and mammals.
In recent years, human cruelty to animals in cities has intensified, the intolerance of these people has led them to resort to mass slaughter through poisoned food, something truly cruel and unfair, and that, of course, is not the solution. The right to life is for everyone. But what can be done to face overpopulation?. The Perros Sin Nombre foundation, which although it focuses mainly on rescuing and improving the living conditions of stray dogs, also carries out campaigns for cats, intending to face overpopulation and make people aware of their responsibility.
In fpsn we help cats through the CES method (capture, spay, neuter, release), it is confirmed to be one of the best strategies to reduce overpopulation, besides being the most respectful way with animal life. Through campaigns, events, sales, and donations, we generate the resources to carry out the procedures, purchase medicines, food, and implements that the animals usually need, such as beds, toys, among others. However, it is not enough to meet the needs of the entire population.

Today, on the occasion of the Three Kings Day celebration, an expected date that brings more gifts after Christmas and is originally synonymous with New Time, we invite you to make donations to the Perros Sin Nombre foundation, so this cause will be a gift for the lives of many more animals that have been unfairly abandoned and deprived of the warmth and love of a home, or sadly have been born on roofs or abandoned places, without any dignified living conditions.

Happy Three Kings Day!

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