How well do you know dogs?

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To know dogs is to understand the language of love, in FPSN we began to understand this language in 2018, with every homeless animal we found in Tela, our city. Happy to help each one once in our shelter to provide them a better quality of life, love them, and protect them from the dangers, mainly from abandonment and social apathy that we daily evidence around the world with animal life.

Our daily mission is to positively impact social awareness on this problem through workshops, lectures, events, as well as sterilization days, rescues, raffles, alliances, among other dynamics, which apart from raising awareness about the responsibility and care for pets, mainly dogs and cats.

1. Dogs can read our emotions:

It has been proven by scientists that dogs are the only animals with the ability to read emotions on the face of humans.

2. Dogs' noses and fingerprints.

Usually, in managing processes, we are asked to put our fingerprint on a piece of paper, requiring us to ink our index finger and then print it on a piece of paper. In the case of dogs, the fingerprint is not found, as one would expect, in the paws, but in the nose; since this is unique in each one, in European countries where there is more protection for dogs, they use this resource to identify them and their owner.

3. Dogs smell sickness.

Have you noticed, when getting sick, that your dog detects it and stays closer to you? This is because they can smell a lot of organic compounds that we produce when something is not going so well with our body and we get sick.

4. The sound of rain bothers them

Surely you have noticed how your dog gets nervous when it rains hard or even refuses to go out for a walk when it rains, well, this is more than just a state of fear, it is a state of annoyance because the rain exceeds the level of sound that their ears can handle, causing them a lot of discomforts.

5. Puppies are born blind

When dogs are born they are blind, deaf, and have no teeth, vision and hearing is developed as they grow, just as their teeth come out.

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