Main causes of dog abandonment

Abandonment is considered the main cause of the problem of overpopulation of stray dogs in the world, starting from the moment in which the macaques are abandoned adrift, losing all the basic conditions of a dignified life, going hungry, cold, mistreatment, diseases, to reach death in most cases, in a very short time. But, what exactly are the excuses used by irresponsible owners to abandon? Find out below:

1. Moving or any change in the family: it is common to have as an excuse to abandon the pet a pregnancy, the birth of a baby, an allergy, even the illness or death of the main caregiver, where the family gets rid of the dog abandoning it to its fate.

2. Not loving the pet anymore: many people think that having a pet does not require great efforts, without understanding that first, if they are puppies they do their needs at home, they destroy everything and do not know neither the orders nor the rules of coexistence, having to invest time and effort in their education, something that not all owners are willing to do. In addition to this, pets grow, and we have to take them for walks, feed them, take them to the veterinarian when necessary or for control, among other responsibilities that are of every day, regardless of the work we have, the weather, or our state of health.

3. Not having enough resources to maintain the pet: the economic lack is another reason for abandonment that can occur in two circumstances: the first is that the caregiver loses his job, reaching the point where he cannot assume the expense of food and care required by the pet, and the second is the change of personal interests, where the caregiver prefers to spend on other activities, instead of the basic care of his pet.

4. Behavioral problems of the pet: excessive barking, urinating in the house, not obeying, etc. These are the behaviors that, in most cases, are used to justify the abandonment, when in fact their causes originate from a bad handling of the pet by the owners, showing through these behavioral problems that the pet is not well educated, nor stimulated, nor has its basic needs covered.

5. Unwanted litters: this is the main cause of abandonment, the dogs are used to have a couple of jealousy a year, where they can give birth from a couple to eight or ten puppies and, the not sterilizing added to the wandering in which the caregivers can leave their pets, or, the desire is present the maternity of the dogs, without thinking about the consequences, turns it into one of the main causes of the overpopulation of dogs in the world and the abandonment, litters without control How many news of abandoned litters have we heard in our city? Surely many.

That is why, in the Fundación Perros Sin Nombre, we fight every day, first, for the rescued dogs that are in our shelter; second, for those who are still on the streets and that sadly, every day, many more are added; third, to raise awareness in our community, our country and the world, about the great responsibility of having a pet, calling for awareness and care of these living beings who, like us, deserve a dignified life. Find out below what our solutions to these problems are:

 1. Awareness: in society the lack of awareness about the responsibility of owning a pet is the most serious problem, which is why, from the FPSN, we do campaigns on awareness of pet care and we also provide support to those responsible families of low resources, with the aim of educating people and, thus, contribute to the reduction of problems such as abandonment, abuse, uncontrolled reproduction, among others.

2. Use the media: as a channel to reach society, highlighting the social role of pets and the importance of their welfare, as well as the seriousness of abandonment.

3. Encourage the reporting of animal abuse or abandonment: In many countries, reporting these facts can lead to legal problems for irresponsible caregivers. In the case of FPSN, we are always attentive to the community to rescue or help a pet in danger.

4. Invite to donate or help with the foundation: the donation can be made by anyone around the world who loves animals and wants to support us to continue with our mission, by clicking here, while if you live or are on vacation in Tela – Honduras and want to help with some work in the foundation, you can also do it, your hand will be of great help in our shelter. Write to us! +1 860-898-0424

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