Valentine’s Day: in love with pets

Help Us to Keep Our Shelter

The year 2022 is moving fast, we are getting into February, the month of Valentine’s Day, a month to celebrate love and friendship, a month to give flowers and chocolates, and why not, a month to share with the most loving and undervalued beings in the world: pets, dogs and cats that at this very moment require your help.

The Fundación Perros Sin Nombre, is located in Tela – Honduras and began its mission in 2018, a mission that has not only consisted of rescuing abandoned dogs and cats, but also spaying, educating their caretakers and helping responsible caretaker families about the basic care of a pet, the importance of spaying and keeping our pet’s health in good condition. We are in love with pets!
There are many stories that FPSN has collected so far, built with the spirit and love to provide a better future for those pets that still have a chance, which is why we fight every day, holding various events to raise funds and continue feeding, caring and ensuring a decent rest of life for our friends, however, at this time we NEED YOUR HELP! Donations have been scarce.
Our shelter is in dire straits for food and hunger does not wait, we currently have 58 pets depending 100% on us and your help is essential at this time. That is why we invite you to donate, as an act of love and friendship these dates of Valentine’s Day, these dates when thousands of couples celebrate the life of love in their own lives and why not? For the world and all the beings that populate it, especially for those who need it most and sure your donation will benefit to feed, care for and continue rescuing abandoned dogs and cats.
Love is universal and FPSN’s love for animals is infinite. We encourage you to support our cause by donating.

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