Can dogs dream?

Help Us to keep our shelter Donate Now Almost all people who have lived with dogs have been able to see their dog dreaming, they realize by his involuntary movements such as barking, crying, moving his limbs while they sleep.  In fact, dogs, like many other animals, dream, this happens because, like humans, when sleeping, […]

Why do dogs like bad smells?

Help Us to keep our shelter Donate Now People who have shared with dogs know that they love natural odors, especially strong odors such as dead animals or feces, they are not only interested in also wallowing in these odors. This is natural for dogs, since their sense of smell and brain connections are different […]

Can dogs see colors?

Help Us to keep our shelter Donate Now Most people are curious about the vision of animals, do they see the same we do, or is it different?  For people who have dogs, they know that they have very good hearing and smell, but what colors can they see? The colors that we perceive daily […]

Stray dogs and public health

Help Us to keep our shelter Donate Now  Dogs throughout history have been faithful companions of people worldwide, they have had many functions, one of the main ones has been work, later it became a companion animal.  In most homes they have a dog and it is the responsibility of each family to give it […]

Do dogs get jealous?

Help Us to keep our shelter Donate Now Most people who have dogs have seen some manifestation of jealousy, it usually occurs when they feel that their owners are paying attention to other dogs, children, objects, among others.  Jealousy requires complex brain systems that are unique to humans, but can also present in a more […]

Effects of climate change on dogs and cats

Help Us to keep our shelter Donate Now Climate change and its consequences are discussed daily, it is a very controversial topic, but it is real.  Climate change refers to long-term temperature changes across the planet, this process is natural, but with human activity such as burning fossil fuels, coal, and gas, they generate greenhouse […]

 Consequences of fireworks on dogs

Help Us to keep our shelter Donate Now For the vast majority of the people around the world, December is to celebrate, it’s a month full of joy, lights and food.  But what happens when people start using fireworks as a means of having fun?  Fireworks have been used worldwide for many years for different […]

10 tips to take care of your dog or cat in the event of a natural disaster

Help Us to keep our shelter Donate Now In any part of the world a natural disaster can occur, in some there is no warning in advance when they are going to occur, in other cases yes, normally people have plans for a natural disaster but what about pets?  Companion animals are usually the ones […]

How do dogs measure time?

Help Us to keep our shelter Donate Now Human beings have their own way of measuring time, days, months, years, hours, minutes, etc. All people measure time in a very similar way.  Animals do not measure time in the same way, each species of animal has its way of perceiving time and in most cases […]

Dogs and cats aggressiveness

Help Us to keep our shelter Donate Now For most people, dogs are sociable animals, while cats are thought differently, they are less sociable animals and a little more aggressive, but for a feline they are very docile. Most people do not wonder how a dog or cat can live with a species as different […]

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